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Which OASIS Tears Is Right For You?

There are 3 treatment options that provide long-lasting relief for mild to severe symptoms, for day or nighttime use. Your eye care professional can recommend the appropriate Oasis TEARS product for your dry eye condition.

Oasis TEARS® is recommended for mild to moderate symptoms
Oasis TEARS® PLUS is recommended for moderate to severe symptoms
Oasis TEARS® MULTIDOSE, which contains a very mild preservative, is available for mild sufferers requiring fewer applications or for patients who have difficulty using the individual vials

Oasis TEARS and Oasis TEARS PLUS are supplied in convenient “take with you” disposable containers with a twist-off cap. Oasis TEARS MULTIDOSE is supplied in a 10-mL/0.3-fluid ounce bottle.

If you are using artificial tears several times a day and still do not have relief, you may suffer from moderate to severe dry eye. Punctum plugs are sometimes recommended for patients who are unable to get relief from artificial tears.

For long-lasting, soothing comfort and relief from dry eye, use Oasis TEARS.